Definition – [koh-ney-tuhs] – noun, plural -tus. Latin 1655–65: effort, exertion, equivalent to cona ( ri ) to attempt + -tus.

    an innate inclination of a thing to continue to exist and enhance itself.
    a force or tendency simulating a human effort.
    the tendency of all things to persist in their own being; the will to live.


The Mission of Conatus® Athletics is to lead the future of sports medicine and sports performance through science and engineering.


We at Conatus® Athletics believe a company can do well even as it does good.  We have the expertise, passion and energy to help individuals and organizations do great things.  Our strength derives from the broad scientific and engineering backgrounds of our consultants and their uncompromising character, allowing us to deliver superior services with integrity.


The Vision of Conatus® Athletics is to inspire a Scientific revolution in musculoskeletal biomechanics.


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