Individual Player Development is the cornerstone of Conatus® Athletics Basketball.  A decade of research and hands on experience has proven the effectiveness of our methodology, which is based in  the movement of the game and which emphasizes player career endurance. As with our other services, we believe basketball performance is rooted in science and engineering.  Conatus® Athletics has analyzed the game of basketball into a series of finite movements.  The proper organization of these elements by our experienced team of experts has resulted in the best Player Development System in the world.

Conatus® Player Development

We at Conatus® Athletics, believe bio-mechanics is an integral part of sports medicine and sports performance.  Our propriety system prevents the chronic injuries which result from the mechanical breakdown of the body and returns athletes to their sport as quickly and safely as possible, at the same time addressing imbalances and asymmetries to prevent further injury.

Conatus® Sports Medicine

Conatus® Education

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At Conatus® Athletics, we believe that the next generation of athletic facilities can exceed today's standards.  We believe our experience in performance training and facility design combined with the expert Structural Engineering and Architectural skills of PREPA.R.E.® INC. will result in modern and innovative designs that will exceed our client’s expectations.  If you are seeking to build a state of the art athletic facility of any size, Conatus® Athletics can help.

Conatus® Facility Design

The primary role of Conatus® Athletics is to maximize Sports Performance through our unique approach.

Conatus® Sports Performance

At Conatus® Athletics, we believe we are called to be educators. The goal of Conatus® Education is to leverage our expertise in science and engineering and to bring awareness of the significance of these disciplines to the sports medicine and sports performance communities.  We believe the application of science and engineering to these communities is necessary to maximize their athletic potential.